Instructions for installing and being able to use the Owners App

First, the manager must give the owner access to the owner environment within i.Rent in the In most cases owners already have a login and a password. If that is the case, owners can download the Owner App from the store and use the same login and password as in the owners environment.

Make sure you give the owner the right permissions to work with the App. Below you will find instructions on how to do this.

Instructions for owner access in the work environment and the Owner App

To give an owner access, go to People in the main menu and choose Owners.

  • In the search option in the list of owners at the top right, enter the name of the owner you are looking for.
  • After finding the relevant owner, click on the little pencil on the left to open the window with the owner’s details.
  • You will then see the window below, click on LOGIN.
  • If the owner does not yet have a login (user name) and password, you can assign them here.
    NOTE: If the owner already has a login and password, do not enter any data here.
  • Make sure the checkbox to grant access is ticked.
  • To use the full capabilities of the App, you give full control to all items in the list below. Except for Booking Extras, Booking>Owner Receipt and Bookings>Tenant Data. As shown in the example image below.