Easily check the scores of your accommodations on Booking.com now, through the use of i-Rent.

With i-Rent, you can now easily track the performance of each accommodation on Booking.com. You can access customer reviews, ratings for content, quality, and work-friendliness, and the XML data of your accommodation. Additionally, you can use this feature to connect your accommodation to an existing listing on Booking.com or create a new listing with ease.

Please be aware that in i-Rent, you can only link an accommodation to an existing listing by following these steps.

1: Click on publish in the first tab, i-Rent will ask you whether you want to create a new publication or link to an existing one.

2: Enter the hotel ID number of the existing publication and then choose the settings for the publication.

Please refer to the instructions below. In i-Rent, navigate to the list of accommodations, and then right-click on the accommodation whose scores you wish to view.

First tab, the connection:

In the second tab you will find the reviews of the clients for your accommodation.

Third tab, property score:
Depending on the information, you can complete it in i-Rent or in Booking.com.