Add bed sizes in the accommodation description

Bed sizes can now be added in So that these sizes can be seen in the individual accommodation description.

Bed sizes can be a decisive factor for tenants, and they are also often the subject of questions that take time to answer with the risk that the customer in question will look further and book elsewhere.
Bed sizes are therefore an important part of the accommodation description.

How does it work?

  • Go to the accommodation info sheet in
  • Then to the floors where the bedrooms are described.
  • Here you will see the possibility of adding beds.
  • Make a selection from the beds that you want to add or change.
  • Then save the info-sheet again.
  • Then go to the accommodation description and generate the accommodation description again to make the sizes of the beds visible.

Important note!

All previously made manual changes to the text will be lost.
So if you have made any changes, before the automatic description is generated, you need to copy these changes and save them somewhere in order to be able to add them again afterwards.